Work From Home

Work from home doesn't have to mean messy hair buns, crushed clothing or an unshowered morning. It is of paramount importance that you dress up to energize your daily spirit and it shows off in your productivity.

Elavanchi Chandran, Founder of Yoshnas marketing shares with us today her approach on taking 'Work from Home' lightly while working to perform without stress when you are dressed up and look pretty.

"Not a single day goes by without my hair being tied up at some point but I ensure I am well dressed for my video presentations", says Rithvika, a corporate professional who supports busy moms to prioritize self-care as a part of their daily routine.

To look pretty, you will need to feel pretty: But how? Hear from us.
1) Supercharge your mornings without freaking out about your work-list for the day. Only boost your morning entry to your workstation with the best of the things you generally love. Things like a cup of coffee, well-dressed you, a notebook, a laptop with the charger connected, your mobile phone next and your favourite pen is more than good to begin the day.

2) Business casuals are more than enough to keep your day feeling pleasant. Why not try it? Don't sink into the structure of a nightwear being your casual work clothing. No, you need a morning shower, your mind needs a lot of fresh air and of course, you will require just a simple breakfast before you begin.
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