Top 4 Fight-the-Summer collections by Yoshnasbyela!

Until recently, it was possible to imagine a world so free-again to dress up, step out, travel around and dine in, but the second wave of Covid-19 has changed the game! Hush, not just for you!

Welcome to ‘Is it just us?’ - a ‘Feel Good, Look Good’ guide from Yoshnas by Ela. Elavanchi Chandran, Founder of Yoshnas Marketing shares some of her favourite picks of dressing up in fashion and comfort this Summer.

At Yoshnas by Ela, you’ll find some stunning top-notch clothing designs recreated as affordable summer dress collections for your everyday life that also goes well with your evenings and weekends!

1. Layered Salwars

‘When in doubt, always go for layers’, a commonly known fashion statement that only two people know. The first are people who’ve been already wearing layers as part of their style statement in clothing and second are people who’re dreaming about their wish to own layered clothing but haven’t known how to choose and where to buy.

Browse from our collections and take inspirations to this, but later. Now, layered attire is the safest way to explore if you’re not confident in wearing short tops, t-shirts, sleeveless clothing, or thin fabric clothing.

You’ll not only style and remove those self-doubts but also glide around in your easy limits.

2. Jackets Saga

The mountains are surely not calling but your want for a ‘Great Look’ will.

If you’re a work from home professional who is stuck in the digital waves of the century with a career that involves attending daily online meetings or snapping photos while working from home, the two quintessential things you can’t escape will be a Cotton Jacket and a Blue-Shield Computer glass.

As fashion couture that caters to women all around the world, we have understood your need for Cotton Jackets that almost go with everything in your wardrobe.

3. Flower Showering

Printed fabrics in style is a trend you can't deny. Adorned with simple floral patterns in print, your styling will make you stand out from the crowd. Similarly, florals with sequins, beads and cutwork are in the flying trend more than ever. Don't forget the boho look that's the dearest Millennial choice if you didn't know. At Yoshnas, we offer a mix-match style that will never go out of fashion. Alluring floral prints, with custom-made tailoring, can make your fashion look the talk of the town if you're social media savvy.

4. Know the Knots

Knotted fashion and knitted fashion have followers on their own. With living instances of our grandmothers' wardrobe showcasing several blouse designs with small knots at the end of the sleeves to today's women wearing knots on the back of the blouse cut, Knots is always in fashion whether or not you go for abstract prints or floral prints. Even plain cotton clothing paired with knots in the design will take a level-high on your fashion assertion. Colourful knots, french knots, embroidered knots and the list goes if you are thinking of exploring. Yoshnas by Ela is a careful admiration of what's always in the trend and is most affordable for everyone.

If the article above inspired your interest to hybridise fashion in Summer, simply visit our collections to let us style you up.