Why choose a lehenga for your big day?

 A wedding is a colossal ceremony of two hearts getting together. And, it is high time you get to know why lehengas are so popular. When there are so many choices to pick, every bride's heart pounces to try the stunning lehengas at least once in their lifetime!

  From Bridal sarees to trendy gharara sets, many cherry-picked fashion wears can fill up your wardrobe but Lehengas have been trending for a while! When it comes to picking up bridal wear, girls are boundless. When surveyed with many of the brides out there, 8 out of 10 picked the exclusive lehenga for their big day. 

 So, why not we tell you this?  

It is important to mark your grace than to be just present! 

 We have compiled here all the top reasons why you should choose Lehengas for your wedding ceremony! Scroll through and let the bookmarking begin from here!!!!

 1. From Heavy to Breeze

It's hard to keep wearing hefty jewellery with grand designer stones weaved on your dresses all day. But this is not the case with Lehengas. With pretty embellishments and minimal jewellery, you can keep your man's eyes always on you! They are much easier to wear and comfortable to turn around. There's no much caution of transparency or adjustments to happen while you are sighting your man! 


 2.  Elegant yet Classic!

Lehengas are grand yet elegant, traditional yet modern, usual yet spectacular! If you are looking for something simple yet classic, then you have landed on the right page. They range from mild floral patterns to bold zari linings! With beautiful bib necklaces and simple baby pink lip-glosses, you can just slay everyone around you!

 3. An appealing costume that suits every bride

With low cut necks or high sleeves or boat necks, every bride is sure to stun us! There are a tonnes of fabric like the Banaras, Kota, Silk, jamdani and Cotton. With a variety of choices to stitch and drape this is a perfect outfit you can try!

 4. Adorn your hair with any style

Do you worry that you have short hair?! Then at your intimate wedding, you can just breeze around with designer Lehengas that will suit perfectly on you. This all-around wear will suit all hair types, let it be long or short, curls or waves!

5. Princess in bold colours!

Are you confused with the variety of colours thrown at you? Pick one that suits your colour tone, your body style and height. Lehengas come customised for every fit. From traditional red to glacier grey's you will have zero regrets for having chosen this outfit. 

6. Win every occasion

You can very well consider wearing it for any of your ceremonies, let it be sangeet, your wedding, your Haldi?! It is going to be the royal choice. With curls in your hair, nude lipsticks and mesmerizing jewellery you can adorn yourself with glimmering brocades. 


What else can be a perfect game-changer than this?! To all the 'To-be Brides' out there pick this gorgeous outfit from your lust list for your BIG DAY! With chic blouses and hypnotizing patterns slay your day like a charming angel!